The Fitness Industry’s Most Anticipated Event is BACK!

THE 2024 Raise The Bar Conference

Elevate Your Game.

Make More Money.

Join the elite gathering of health and fitness coaches, and gym owners in Dallas this February.

Dive deep into the missing links of the coaching industry and emerge as a transformative force in fitness.


FEB 23rd-24TH, 2024 Location:

Apex HQ 5308 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, Tx 75093 (Dallas Texas Suburb)

Why Attend?

Step into a transformative two days that will reshape your perspective,

renew your passion, and rekindle your purpose in the fitness world.

Prepare to be inspired!

Fresh Perspectives:

This isn’t just another fitness event. We're here to shake up the status quo. Discover the areas of development that have been overlooked and yet, are instrumental for long-term success.

Expert Insights:

Learn from renowned speakers who will provide actionable insights on communication, differentiation, behavior psychology, collaboration, business, marketing, and much more.

A Thriving Community:

Join a growing tribe of coaches committed to excellence. Network, collaborate, and grow together in a space that cherishes learning and elevating the industry.

Become recession proof as you

Raise the Bar for yourself and the industry.

What To Expect

Grow your business, your raw coaching skills and your opportunity for impact with 2 days of talks from some of the best coaches and business minds the industry has to offer!

  • Strategic Differentiation: In a world where every coach has a fitness program, learn how to truly stand out. Dive deep into proven methodologies that will set you apart in a crowded marketplace, ensuring your services are not just another drop in the ocean.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Understand the nuances of effective communication in the fitness realm. Whether it's with clients, teams, or partners, master the art of conveying ideas and extracting needs seamlessly, ensuring you’re always in sync with those you serve.

  • Collaborative Mastery: Discover how to foster collaborations that amplify results. Whether it's teaming up with other professionals for a program, partnering with brands, or working with clients, gain the expertise to build relationships that multiply success.

  • Behavioral Psychology Tactics: Dive into the heart of client motivation. Understand the behavioral triggers and cognitive biases that influence training adherence and outcomes. Equip yourself to design strategies that tap into these insights, ensuring higher client satisfaction and retention.

  • Business Acumen & Marketing Prowess: The fitness industry isn't just about great coaching; it's also about successful business operations. Acquire tools and knowledge to enhance your entrepreneurial journey – from client acquisition strategies to effective branding and financial management.

  • A Community of Excellence: Beyond the tactical skills, immerse yourself in a community that challenges and uplifts. Engage with coaches who share your passion, dedication, and commitment, forging connections that will enrich your professional journey for years to come.

Equip yourself with the toolkit every modern fitness coach and gym owner needs to excel.


1. Addressing the Times We Live In

We recognize the unique challenges the world and our industry are currently facing. Now, more than ever, sharpening the human facets of coaching is crucial while simultaneously fortifying your business for success.

2. Comprehensive Career Evolution with RTB

RTB isn’t just an event; it's a transformative experience. Our primary focus is on the often overlooked aspects of coaching that are paramount for sustained success. In a world where many coaches are struggling, despite prevailing economic challenges, we aim to provide the foundational business strategies to ensure longevity and prosperity in the industry.

3. Filling the Education Gap

A staggering void exists in industry education. With most coaches lacking essential business acumen, the longevity of their careers hangs in the balance. We address this deficit head-on, offering strategies to grant coaches more autonomy and security in their professional and personal lives.

4. Beyond the Physical

While many events revolve around movement and biomechanics, RTB dives deep into the nuances of what genuinely impacts your career. It's about understanding people, fostering genuine connections, and structuring a resilient business — the real keys to long-term success.

5. Unified Vision and Purpose

Imagine the power of a room brimming with professionals, all united by a common purpose — to uplift the industry. At RTB, we harness this collective energy, creating an environment that fosters collaboration and shared growth. Unlike other events with parallel sessions, here, we journey together, ensuring richer interactions and a deeper sense of community.

6. Sustainable Momentum and Impact

We've all attended events that inspire in the moment but whose effects wane with time. RTB is intentionally crafted to defy this trend. Our goal? To ensure the inspiration, knowledge, and tools you gain are not fleeting but integrated into your coaching practice. By providing actionable insights and fostering lasting connections, we aim to influence your coaching journey both now and in the years to come.



Learn what’s currently working in the fitness business and where it's headed.

The Raise the Bar Conference isn’t just another event filled with feel good presentations and hype. There's 1 specific reason Derek and Nick came together for this 2 day immersive event... To show you how to master the skills necessary to thrive in the fitness business.

Our goal is to share with you the current trends as well as where the fitness industry is headed. Whether you're a personal trainer looking to improve your ability to connect with your clients and see their results skyrocket or you're a fitness business owner and want to learn how to stay relevant and continue to navigate the ever changing fitness game.

Throughout the conference, you will hear from industry leading speakers and learn what is currently working in the industry, RIGHT NOW. At the end of the 2 days, you will leave with the skills and road map necessary to push your career and business forward.  

Want Next Level Access?

Join The VIP Experience

Elevate your Raise the Bar journey with an exclusive VIP Experience, tailored for those seeking a deeper connection, enriched learnings, and a touch of luxury.

Here's what our VIP package entails:

1. Exclusive VIP Day - Thursday, February 22nd

Before the main event kicks off, immerse yourself in a half-day of exclusive teachings. Engage in intimate deep dive sessions with a special guest who will unravel insights not accessible to general admission attendees.

2. VIP Group Workout

Kickstart the VIP day with energy and enthusiasm! Build community by participating in a group workout setting the tone for the deep dive sessions to follow.

3. Dinner and Social with RTB Speakers

Dine and connect with the brilliant minds behind the event. This intimate gathering provides an unparalleled opportunity to network, share ideas, and build relationships with industry leaders.

4. Complimentary Ticket to RTB 2025

Your VIP experience extends beyond 2024. Secure your place for a general admission ticket to the 2025 Raise the Bar Conference, on us!

5. VIP Exclusive Swag

Stand out with exclusive RTB VIP swag, specially designed for our premier attendees. A blend of style and comfort, it's not just attire; it's a statement.

6. Preferred Seating

Experience the best views with preferred front-area seating. Immerse yourself in every presentation, feeling more connected to the speakers and content.

7. RTB Conference Recordings

Dive back into the wisdom of the past with full access to the RTB Conference recordings from both 2022 and 2023. Whether you're revisiting your favorite sessions or catching up on what you missed, these recordings are invaluable.

Upgrade to the VIP Experience and unlock a world of added benefits, deeper connections, and exclusive offerings. Make your Raise the Bar journey truly unforgettable.

Are you ready to take your Business to the next level?

Transform your approach, refine your techniques, and cultivate

a mindset of continuous growth and evolution.


Event Hosts:

Derek Mendoza

For more than 17 years, Derek Mendoza has worn many hats in the health and fitness world. With a background as a Division 1 college athlete and a master's degree in studying body movement (kinesiology), Derek knows firsthand what it takes to reach the top.

What sets Derek apart? Not only does he have the experience of working with professional athletes and teams like the Seattle Mariners and Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic, but he’s also masterfully built a one-person business. This solo venture has granted him what he has always wanted: freedom and control over his time, a dream many aspire to but few achieve. But Derek's true calling? Helping fitness trainers and experts like him find success online.

Derek started 'Find Your Prime LLC.' and has put together events like the 'Find Your Prime Virtual Summit.' He also helped kick off the 'Raise the Bar Conference', aiming to set higher standards for health and fitness coaches everywhere.

In simple words, if you're looking to take your fitness business online, Derek Mendoza is the coach you need by your side. He's done it and wants to help you do the same.

Nick Lambe

Nick Lambe is a long time educator and coach in the industry who specializes in helping fitness professionals implement health first principles to improve impact. Nick is the creator of the sleep and recovery coaching certification course, the most comprehensive and practical sleep resource to date. He founded The New Healthcare Practitioner Project, a course and mentorship aimed at empowering coaches to expand their role within the healthcare system. Annually, Nick hosts one of the industry’s biggest virtual events in the Recovery & Sleep Summit which averages over 5,000 attendees and 50 speakers. Consulting & partnerships with Nick’s work includes: The US Marine Corps, US Army National Guard, Google, and numerous professional sports organizations

Collectively Nick & Derek bring over 25 years of experience as two educators dedicated to helping you improve your longevity in the industry. After 2 Raise the Bar events, they’re more motivated than ever to elevate the standard for coaches. Together, they are a true testament to the value of expanding your industry horizons and diversifying your business offerings to create the freedom and autonomy we all crave. At this year’s RTB, they’ll be sharing practical frameworks on how you can do the same.


More Guests & Special Surprises To Be Announced Soon!

Jordan Syatt

Molly Galbraith

Funk Roberts

Adam Bornstein

Kelsey Heenan

Luka Hocevar

Shanté Cofield

Andrew Coates

Eve Guzman

Dennis Heenan

Nathalia Melo

Rachel Scheer

Nick Shaw

David Freeman

Sam Miller

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